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Diving head first into complex technical problems has always been something I enjoy. To me creating quality software is like completing a puzzle. I love putting all the pieces together to build the full picture. As with any problem, just like a puzzle, you must start with a clear picture of the goal in mind. Looking at the big picture to break down the problem into smaller steps, or goals is essential to completing all difficult problems.

Similar to my affinity for solving complex problems, I enjoy crafting quality software programs, in particular for the web using knowledge of both front and back-end programming languages. In addition, I am always looking to learn new skills in both object-oriented programming languages like Java, as well as data management and analysis using languages including python and SQL.

When my eyes are heavy from looking at the computer screen, I enjoy experiencing new cultures and foods, or being active spending time with friends playing tennis, golf, or soccer. Even though I do enjoy being active, perhaps one of my favorite hobbies is staying in with pizza and a movie. Please feel free to check out my blog to keep up with my journey into programming, or check out my portfolio and professional profiles linked below.